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StrokesZebra is a team of passionate creative UI designers. Our journey begins with Ryda’s simple sketch submission-ed and without any hopes, her artwork been featured on #INKtober 2018. From that moment, she took the opportunity to sell her artworks from digital to printable products and expand a group of passionate designers who’s doing the same things; sketching everyday.

From digital sources to variety printed products, We crafted it all for you and sold at a value price.

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Meet the Founder

Born by the name Ryda Rashid. She’s a UI/UX Front End Designer in profession and passion. She has experienced in crafting usable pixel perfect over 9 years and been worked with creative digital agencies across the globe. Also, she won Saramad Golden Award 6th International Digital Media Fair & Festival year 2012 (IDMF 2012) Tehran, Iran in creating CyberSafe website.